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  Corporate Social Responsibility


WASCO is  educating  the public concerning environmental preservation by participating to provide an education which have already  started in the schools and through other charitable institutions where awareness and understanding starts by informing and enlightening the public especially the new generations of the importance of environmental awareness and knowledge to keep the world a safe place to live in.

These programs are implementing through  coordination and cooperation of Ministry of Education and with various other environmental groups and government agencies looking after environmental protection and preservation.

WASCO has also made contracts with major private companies, Educational institutions & Govt organizations in each city to collect their waste materials.

WASCO had also made contracts from residential areas  to collect waste materials directly from houses to our company.  In return WASCO pays  incentives to families to encourage  them to protect their environment.  We are providing  them bins in three different colours , papers ,plastic & steel cans through which we can reduce waste from landfill.

WASCO  focuses not only on providing a friendly, efficient, cost-effective service but also one that is environmentally friendly. In particular, WASCO  staff takes time to ensure that the maximum amount of waste can be recycled and that all the waste it collects is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

WASCO is also helping companies and organizations engage in environmentally-friendly business practices that create value and develop a technology disposal policy. The company is set to serve a secure future for the unexplored and ignored sector with an initiative to address all pressing concerns of the environment and therefore reforming the earth to become a safer place to dwell in.

WASCO have Community Awareness Plan that consist of the following points:

a)  We are educating  companies and organizations towards effective  waste management. The idea is to help them understand the importance of proper  waste disposal and spread awareness about the health and environmental hazards in the absence of the same. 

b) We have also started awareness campaigns in schools so that the need to save our environment from the ill effects of waste is inculcated from an early age.

c)  Our endeavor is to reach out to them through a popular platform like a college festival and conduct workshops on proper  waste disposal and introduce the recycling solutions available

d) Beside this WASCO is  also hiring  womens from poor families to support them financially for new Sorting line setup.





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